The energy I receive from Creativity and projects is significant. It seems that when we are involved in doing things with our hands that totally absorbing our brains, they work better. I thought I would put some of my projects up hoping you will join me as we create a journey of happy moments that help build each other up in creating a life worth living.


My Passion! Scrapbooking reminds me of pleasant past times. Recreating memories: bringing joy; reminding us of special moments and people like the Easter for instance. It was at least 34 years ago, when these photos of my eldest daughter were taken on her first Easter is Egg hunt and as you can see I did not have many good photographs handy in those days. Creating an interesting page is great way to make the most of what photos you have. I will post a page regularly, so all scrapbook lovers lets see what we can create.


The arrival of my grandchildren inspired these crochet projects.

This blanket was my first real crochet project and I loved every minute of it. Inspired by my sister’s love of making her entire family a baby blanket as depicted below; now over 30 years old they are still perfect thanks you Chez.

My youngest daughter requested Fearless Fox for the new arrival Joshua; he was super easy to make and such fun.

Fearless Fausto the Fox – Ravelry

Julia, my oldest Granddaughter, loves Rapunzel, so this was a project I made for her.

2016 Crochet Cute Dolls / Carola Kaiser.

Rapunzel was a joy to make and she had many different parts to do which made it a diverse piece of work.

She was not very difficult, just finicky to get the stuffing in her arms and legs. The hair was a real treat but used a lot of wool.


I love DIY: as Suzelle says, because anyone can. The table was an old Wetherleys’ table which I painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint, French Linen and sealed it with lacquer.

Coffee Table

The chairs were inherited from my mother-in-law with a lovely small dining room table which I sanded down and recovered, the new refurbished one is first and the old one second. The showcase also belonged to her and I painted it with Annie Sloan’s French Linen.


Upholstering this chair was sheer joy; and totally rewarding with no difficulty at all completing with a tutorial I found on line.


Gardening, is deeply rewarding when the spirit moves me, and the spirit moves me when the sun is shining, no wind, not be too cold, or rainy, you get the drift. These gardens were inspired by the terrible drought Cape Town experienced a couple of years ago.


Pinch pleating
Finished article

I love sewing, which does not necessarily mean I can sew. These curtains came from Woolworths, but turned them into pinch pleats and shortened them; eight all together.

The quilt, was a two year project consisting of 90 part series, The Art of Quilting which I ordered through Hachette Partworks Ltd. I bought it to improve my sewing skills, well, it might have, but I won’t be doing a project like that in a hurry again, just Saying!

Quilt for a queens size bed


My youngest daughter wanted a zebra for her new baby and so Zebbie was created from a pattern I found on Ravelry. I have knitted many projects over the years and they were such fun, however, I am not going to bore you with them all, suffice it to say though, it’s something you can sit and do while watching TV or the more intricate patterns keep your mind busy and Altzheimers at bay.


Cross stitch patterns were very much in fashion when I was a lot younger, however, not so much now, but I still love sewing them. These are my three current projects; the first was for my Grand daughter Ella, the rest, well because I love them.


Beginner art class

So when I am exhausted I tend to paint. This tutorial was found on the internet, not being too artistic, I do enjoy painting and drawing for relaxation.