About me

About me

“The key to happiness is letting each situation be what it is instead of what you think is should be.”

Mandy Hale

I know I love sunsets. Who knows why I love them, I just do. Not to say sunrises are any less loved, however living on the West Coast,  the sun sets over the sea, therefore if I were on the East Coast I am sure I would say, I love sunrises.  There are many things about myself that I know but do not understand.  This has intrigued me all my life.  Are there things about yourself that you just know, but do not understand?  These questions started a long time ago.

 I started becoming aware of this ‘awareness’ in high school but I could never quite access the answers. As life took its toll, busyness took over, demands of family  life clouded the conscience – caught up in the fog of life, slowly the knowledge of who I was became more and more hidden.  Once my children left the nest, the busyness calmed down and the focus on the unanswered questions became more intense.

Having lost so much of who I was, these unanswered questions started telling me more and more loudly that they wanted my attention.  The thoughts became like an overindulged child, throwing their toys out of the cot in a most demanding manner.

Losing oneself throughout life is a painful journey, finding oneself is an exciting adventure.  The exploration of inspiring options with you about what it means to find oneself and create a life worth living is the goal, and I am hoping you will participate so we can encourage each other along the way.

I live in the Cape, South Africa, with my hardworking husband, remarkable son and two gorgeous Burmese cats, Jinx and Jasmine and not to forget Baggins the cross Great Dane – Labrador, who is huge in heart and size. I have two beautiful daughters who live in the UK, with three incredible grandchildren. My hobbies are dabbling in creative arts, learning and analyzing new things, and finally integrating that knowledge. 

My thoughts  are inspired by authors such as James Allen, Brene Brown PhD. LMSW, Melody Beattie, Harville Hendrix, PhD, Harriett Lerner. PhD, Kristen Neff. PhD, Jordan B. Peterson. Prof, John Powell, David Richo. PhD, Shefali Tsabary. PhD and Eckart Tolle.  My thanks goes to Mari van der Merwe and Trevor Hudson who have  helped shape me into becoming a better me. Blog posts will be referenced accordingly.

Any concepts on Auto Immune disease are from Sarah Ballantyne. PhD, Amy Meyers. M.D. and Izabella Wentz. Pharm. D, FASCP.

I would also like to thank my editors, you know who you are, for the fabulous and positive criticism and help each blog post.