The Benefits of Creativity

How important is creativity? Turns out very. Creativity de-stresses, prevents diseases and is good for the soul.

It always brings beautiful images to  mind.  Outstanding architecture, art, music, décor, pristine gardens, colourful crayons and messy paint.  The definition states that creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness –   I see it as something that energises me, reignites my inspiration and moves me forward, without necessarily having created anything original, rather just losing myself in a project and feeling great at the same time.

Creativity has been part of my life for as long as I remember. On a rainy day my mom would bring out a fork and some wool and we would make pom poms for coat hangers for that reason I love rainy days. Teenager struggles were carefully worked out with a paintbrush or pencil on a snow white piece of paper.

Experiencing the importance of creativity in years gone by.

In Julia Cameron’s blog she has the perfect blog description to start this section

Once the children arrived, knitting booties, matinee jackets, and jerseys were a must and my mom and sister would knit up a storm. Not today however as dearest daughters informed me when they had children – no booties mom! Christmas time in our house was creative joy having made Christmas decorations and Christmas trees and ducks to hang Christmas cards on each year. Yes, those were the days and the kids loved it making little decorations and we would hang them on the tree with excitement.

Then along came porcelain dolls, obviously, if you have girls they need porcelain dolls, of course. This hobby was not easy, believe you me but rather fun. Sewing tracksuits for the family, was my next adventure, and the kids got their fair share of outfits.

Those days are long gone now and as the hobbies came and went, I finally drifted into Scrapbooking which I adore and am still passionate about. Looking back at the memories of days gone by, its so nostalgic making them come alive again. Having finally completed my eldest daughters albums from birth to age 21 I certainly intend to complete my other two children’s’ albums. This takes time, as there are so many other ideas floating in my head, for instance, DIY which I love.  ‘because anyone can’  says Suzelle.    More specifically at the moment, Annie Sloan paint. 

Cross stitch has been a firm favourite all my life. The simple rhythm of the stitches are so calming and I can just spend hours making these lovely pieces of art, bringing peace to my soul.

Understanding the importance of expressiveness in something you love

Due to these varied passions I have – I have been given the attribute of being creative, to my dismay. I wanted to be known as scientific or analytical, anything other than creative, however, to my amazement,   being creative is a very important attribute to have apparently. Dr Caroline Leaf says that we need to take time to do things that generate positive emotions to balance the parasympathetic and the sympathetic systems. Izabella Wentz says that there is a connection between Adrenal fatigue caused by stress and Hashimotos, hence the best cure for this is rest and de-stress and what better way to do this than by doing something you love.

Dr Stuart Brown tells us that his properties of play are as follows: “Apparently purposeless (done for its own sake), voluntary, inherent attraction, freedom from time, diminishing consciousness of self, improvisational potential, continuation desire.”

He says that play could range from dangling from a rock to gardening and he includes sports, physical activities, books, storytelling, art and movies and much more. 

Play can prevent certain diseases – how important is that?

Play, Dr Stuart Brown says, if continued into old age, prevents dementia and other neurological problems, including heart disease and other afflictions.   The research of many studies he continues,  on the  risk of Alzheimers disease, is that  only a small part of the risk  is determined by genes, the majority is lifestyle and environmental influences.   The study showed that doing puzzles, reading, and engaging in mentally challenging work dropped chances of Altzheimer’s disease to 63% lower than that of the general population who did not do these activities. 

So in other words, doing creative / physical and enjoyable hobbies actually benefits us tremendously and in fact, should be part of our lives, seriously part of our lives.   Play helps problem solving skills and according to Julia Cameron, many hobbies have hidden benefits that lead to huge creative breakthroughs. 

My 3 points to remember this week

  1. I have accepted that being creative is a good attribute to have.
  2. Being Creative is very beneficial for my health.
  3. Creativity helps in other areas of the brain – other than the actual project I am working on.

How important are other people’s innovation in my life? Very.

Precious creative Mom.

I have been inspired by so many people and I thought it only fair to share who my creative mentors are with you considering that they have helped put the spark of creativity into my life. 

My passion for knitting comes from my dear Mom, Eleanor. She was a superb knitter constantly carrying her knitting bag or some or other project with her.  I guess I get a lot of my love of craft from her as I love tapestries, embroidery and poetry just as much as she did,  a true lady. Miss you mom.

How important is creativity - the benefits
Wearing an Eleanor creation

Lovely creative friends

Of course as I have said my passion is scrapbooking, need I say more Jennifer Moolman.  Do you remember the day at Northfield’s market when I first saw your albums having seen a page of the Kruger National Park with the word Kruger in photographs.  I was hooked from that moment on. 

Fabulous creative sister

My sister Cheryl crochets and she made all my children and my grandchildren each a crochet blanket which they  all cherish.     Thanks Chez for your inspiration having helped teach me how to crochet so I could create my lovely little animal blanket whom my daughter tries to convince me to make for orders for.  Check out the project page.

The importance of DIY inspiration

I get my DIY from my brother in law, Andy and a friend Cathy Eva.   They did their entire kitchen by themselves, plus many other projects which constantly impresses me.  This has inspired me to do many DIY projects, for example, play boxes, children’s toys, and lots of painting. I love gardening and décor and I have been inspired by many friends’ gardens and fabulous homes so thanks to those creative geniuses. 

The importance of the resourcefulness of geniuses from the past

Talking about those geniuses, the worlds’ most incredibly creative people like Charles Dickens, John Milton, Beethoven and Leonardo da Vinci are some names we admire, the list can be filled with beautiful names, depending on your interests.   What an honour to have had these inspiring people on this planet. Fabulous Pinterest, friends on Facebook, our neighbours or our close friends or even our great mentors from the past.    So a big THANK YOU to all those folk who are in my creative club. If I have not mentioned you, please forgive me.

How important is Creativity in my life.

Projects  energise me!  Let me explain.  I woke up on Saturday, exhausted having slept well, not anxious, upset or ill.  Just exhausted.  So when I am just exhausted I know my thyroid is in need of some TLC.  (tender loving care) for those of you who are new to that saying. 

The importance of painting frames.

I decided to paint 3 large mirror frames understanding that painting does not expend too much energy and relaxes me.   By mid morning, the exhaustion had lifted, I was excited and full of new ideas.  One of them being to paint my dining room table and all six chairs and anything else that said, “Paint me”.  This was a mission of creativity and considering that   Julie Cameron says being creative was a gift I should embrace rather than disguise, I was content.  She helped me to not feel  ashamed of being creative, and it has in fact helped me see that doing creative work needs intellectual ability as well which solved my dilemma that just because I am creative, does not mean I am stupid.  

How important is creativity - the benefits
Cross stitch
How important is creativity - the benefits
How important is creativity - the benefits
Dabbling with Acrylics

I look at my life differently now.  Treasuring each moment I have when I can be creative.  Grateful that I can choose what I want to do each day, which has helped release something within me that has given me the courage to start a blog and share my successes and failures with you so that hopefully, if you are struggling with issues, you can somehow resolve them before the age of 60.  Happy creating. 

How important is God’s creativity in my Life

Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm.  Nothing is too hard for you. Jeremiah 32:17.


Watching the sun setting over the sea, or admiring the magnificent Helderberg Mountain range,  I am in awe.  Have you ever visited Thendeli camp in the Drakensberg or anywhere in the Drakensberg, for that matter.  Sitting at the foothills of those majestic mountains, they start to speak to me, filling me with a feeling of  insignificance, yet so privileged to be able to be part of this incredible world we live in. 

Max Lucado states that we are made more like God than anything else in all creation?  We are image bearers of God.  That makes me feel special.

The importance of finding Gods creativity in me.

For me, I feel God creating a new me daily.  When I have my quiet time in the morning and do my devotional, I do try and follow through with what I learnt that day.  This grows me and makes me into a better person.  That’s creating a life worth living.  Julia Cameron says, “looking at God’s creation, it is abundantly clear that the creator Himself did not know when to stop.  There is not one or two or 50, but rather hundreds of pink flowers”.   Snowflakes, of course, are the epitome of creativity, a sheer creative glee and no two are alike. 

Final thoughts

Creating, hobbies, reading, any leisure activities brings out the best in us.  I am grateful that I have learnt that it is not a waste of time, but that my brain is actually growing with me, that creativity is a necessary part of my life and this has helped me embrace who I am, accepting that it is a blessing and something to cherish.   

 Next week I will be discussing D.  Detach.  How to detach from things that harm us. Please visit my projects page and find some inspiration. Better still, send me some of your most inspiring projects so that I can place them in the Hall of Inspiration, Aka my project page.


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Suzelle – Julia Anastasopoulos is a South African artist, illustrator, designer and actress. She has a do-it-yourself web series known as SuzelleDIY.


    1. Hi Anne, I am so glad to hear that. It helps a lot when I get positive feedback to know I am on the right track. My goal is to help others. I hope I am able to be of some inspiration to others traveling along life’s pathways. Lovely hearing from you. Kind regards Les

  1. Dear Les
    I wish we could get together over a cuppa tea … or a Scrapbook Project. I’m finding as I travel along my life’s journey that even more than ever, Creativity (& Nature) is important for my peace of mind. I can relate to your blog where you say it energises you even when one starts off tired. I feel I have so many ideas but not enough time or energy to complete them.
    When I grew up my Gran patiently taught me to knit. It was my Mom who showed me how to crochet. For many years I preferred to knit and always had a jersey on the go. The place I work has a strong social responsibility program. We’ve just started our annual winter drive. We’re making beanie, blankets, scarves and teddy. Over the last coupla years a colleague and I have encouraged fellow workers to knit – even if it’s 1 square!! It’s been so therapeutic to knit or crochet during our lunch hour and chat with people whom we see everyday, but don’t actually know. It’s a non-threatening environment where we laugh, share ideas and learn craft techniques. In my opinion it’s the best teambuilding activity. It is heartwarming to see people gain confidence as they progress. It inspires some to take their newfound or relearned skills back home to share with their children. And all while making a difference to help keep others warm in winter.

    1. Hi Andrea, I too would love to get together over a cuppa tea and a scrapbook project. I miss those days. I understand that fatigue Andrea. I am hoping as I go down the alphabet more tools will help you with that. I find its not a single thing that one has to work on, but a number of areas in your life. I am inspired by your ‘lunch time knitting club’. You are right, that fulfills so many parts of the spectrum. It sounds so amazing, I can just picture all the folk knitting away. I was at a restaurant in Hermanus once and you could also just pick up some knitting while you waited for your food to finish squares for blankets. You have definitely inspired me! Please send me some pics of your completed projects. Who knows, it might inspire others to do the same. Thank you so much for sharing with me Andrea, and next time you are in my area, let me know We can certainly do that cuppa.

  2. Wow Lesley, you are certainly inspiring me with all your projects! Thank you for sharing it. Creativity is so part of our humanity and it’s food for our soul. I am inspired again to make more time to feed my soul!

    1. Hi Mari,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I feel inspired just reading your joy in wanting to feed your soul. I have found that the interest in this topic has been very positively received which makes me realise that perhaps we don’t give this area in our life the priority it deserves. So happy feeding….

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